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I specialise in creating contemporary wire tree
sculptures, a unique, beautiful and decorative addition to any interior. I continue to develop my passion and knowledge of wire tree sculptures producing a range of collectible pieces from small to large scale all mounted on seasoned wood, rock, stone or slate. 

I pride myself in creating wire tree sculptures that are special and this in turn attracts clients who are looking for the exceptional – something exquisite,

Each sculpture is inspired by the Southwest’s stunning landscape and dramatic coastline. The major influence on each sculpture comes from observing ancient trees, their diverse shapes, age and structure. The trees are handmade from a number of single strands of wire, twisted together, running from the roots to the leaves. 

The beauty of this art is that no two sculptures are the same. There may be similarity of style between pieces, material used, or type of tree being represented, but the way they are made means that every sculpture will always be unique.